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Greetings From The President 
In 1996, while undergoing infertility treatments, I recall wondering where I would be in the  years to come.  I wondered if I would have more than one child and if my children would be biological or adopted.  Although having twins was a possibility, the thought of having a baby die did not particularly worry me.  As a Registered Nurse working with chronically ill children, my biggest concern has always been for my children to be healthy.
After nine surgeries and six miscarriages, I was pregnant with twins...a girl, Levi, and a boy, Luke.  At 33 weeks, Luke suddenly died, and I delivered my much awaited for babies on January 30, 1997.  Luke was stillborn, and Levi was in the NICU in critical condition.  Again, I looked to the future. I wondered if Levi would survive and if I would survive the grief of losing Luke.
After many months, and with Levi safely home on a heart monitor, I began to search for a mother to talk with who had lost a twin and was raising a surviving twin.  That is when I was referred to Neo-Fight. I have met many wonderful and caring people through Neo-Fight, and it breaks my heart to know of their pain. We have cried (but also laughed together), and many of us have formed lifelong friendships. I think this is not only because of our common bond, but because of the understanding of our feelings without a need for explaination.  The people of Neo-Fight were there when I needed them. 
Less than a year later, I  was enduring a subsequent high risk pregnancy that resulted in the birth of my second daughter, Mesa.  Once again, as expected,  the parents of Neo-Fight were there for me.
So, here I am today.  I have survived my loss and both of my daughters are healthy.  I find my involvement with Neo-Fight to be a very rewarding experience.  It is enlightening for me to receive further bereavement training and to volunteer with other groups (listed under my bio). 
I also want to extend heart-felt appreciation to our current officers for their many years of involvement:
Theresa White has been involved with Neo-Fight for many years.  Theresa is a board member, and the supportive and caring voice you will hear when leaving a message with us.
Katie Smith has been involved with Neo-Fight since 1999 after the stillbirth of her son.  She is a dedicated trained listener and volunteer. After serving on the Neo-Fight board as Fundraising Director in the past, she recently re-joined the board as our Secretary.   
These members have embraced the multiple changes Neo-Fight has encountered in the past years, and I consider both of them a cherished part of my life.  Theresa and Katie, along with our many volunteers have a strong desire to help others in need and fulfill the mission of Neo-Fight.
I would like to extend an invitation to each of you to share your concerns, ideas and needs, so that we can make Neo-Fight better than ever as we serve our communities.  We welcome any stories, articles, or photos you would like to add to our website. 
To maintain Neo-Fight, we rely on individual donations to cover our expenses such as the crisis line, brochures, and website.  Honorable Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson proclaimed September 23rd as Neo-Fight Day.  In honor of this declaration, we will be doing an "Annual Appeal" each September 23rd to replace our membership dues.  Of course, your donations, memorials and other gifts continue to be welcome year-round.
I am very honored to be President of such a great organization, and I am looking forward to meeting more of you soon.
Michie Sebree, R.N.
President, Neo-Fight

Neo-Fight offers web-based support for families experiencing a perinatal crisis. Click here and a Trained Neo-Fight listener will return your e-mail within 24 hours!