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Neo-Fight is an Indianapolis based organization dedicated to helping families experiencing a perinatal/neonatal crisis. Our original goal was to raise money for equipment for the local NICU's and provide support to families experiencing a perinatal/neonatal crisis. Our main goal now is to provide support for families who:

* Are going through a difficult pregnancy
* Are experiencing infertility or adopting a child
* Has lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth
* Has a premature or critically ill newborn
* Has delivered an infant with birth defects
* Has experienced the death of a child shortly after birth

Neo-Fight began as a parent support group by a few mothers who had given birth at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana and formed a bond. Neo-Fight was incorporated into a nonprofit organization in early 1976 and implemented their parent listener training classes by holding their first meeting in September of that year at Methodist Hospital. Today, Neo-Fight is active in all 11 Indianapolis hospitals, throughout Indiana by telephone at (317) 446-3013, and worldwide through their website at

Neo-Fight celebrated its 25th Anniversary in September 2001. Mayor Bart Peterson of Indianapolis proclaimed September 23, 2001, as Neo-Fight Day in Indianapolis.

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